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IPITIA Interntional Psychological Institute

Specialist in Obssesive Disorders and Anxiety

IPITIA is a psychological center which specializes in the treatment of Obsessive Disorders and Anxiety. The professional and experienced team of  IPITIA offers you effective and innovative treatment through the AFOP® method.

XVI European Congress of Psychology
Julio 2-5 2019 Moscu, Rusia
AFOP®: A new method for treating OCD
XXI International Congress for Analytical Psychology
Agosto 25 – 30, 2019 | Viena, Austria
«The Promethean society and its enemies»

International Psychological Center for OCD and Anxiety


Our specialized professionals are responsible for offering treatments and interventions for people who suffer all kinds of problems that affect the psyche of people. We have face-to-face therapy in our center, distance therapy, individual intensive therapy and group therapy

Face to Face Therapy

Online Therapy

Intensive Therapy

Group Therapy

A Center Unique because of its Efficacy in Treating Obsessive Disorders and Anxiety

The AFOP® method, developed by the center’s director and psychologist, Damián Ruiz, has been developed specifically for obsessive disorders (OCD) and anxiety. It is a big advance in psychological treatment and we are proud to offer it at IPITIA. AFOP® is a unique methodology which has shown to be highly effective for the treatment of this complicated disorder and is able to dissolve the problem and its symptoms completely in a very high number of cases.

We treat patients with different nationalities and from all over the world.

We offer different treatment options in order to personalize your treatment in the best possible way.

We have an experienced team of psychologists with a profound education.


A fundamental pillar of IPITIA, International Psychological Institute, is investigation. We strongly believe in it and experience has shown us its worth. The development of new methodologies, such as  AFOP® (Activación y  Focalización Pulsional – Drive activation and focalization), permits the treatment of pathologies with a very high degree of effectiveness..

Freeing the monkey, saving the princess

This book about OCD, written by the director of IPITIA, Damián Ruiz, is aimed at people who suffer from an obsessive disorder, their relatives and friends, and all those therapists, doctors or psychologists who patients with OCD. In an informative way and with an innovative method, this book will help you understand the causes of OCD, the different kind of obsessions that exist, and what changes in your everyday life can help you overcome an obsessive compulsive disorder.


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