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Clinical Psychologist


My name is Elena Venuti, psychologist and psychotherapist. I was born in Udine in 1976, and I knew that I wanted to be a psychologist since I was a teenager. I was graduated in Padua in 2002 and after finishing my internship I came to Spain, to Granada, to do volunteer work.

When I moved to Barcelona I studied the Master in Conflict Management and Resolution at the University of Barcelona, ​​which has allowed me to improve communication techniques and practice the tools of Systemic Psychology in the field of human relations.

For many years I have worked with children, teenagers and adults, being dedicated above all to education and social projects.

But I always wanted to be a psychotherapist and when I felt that I had grown as a person and had matured a lot of experience, I studied the Master in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the University of Girona. In this way, I have been able to delve into psychotherapeutic theory and practice, through the teaching of classical psychoanalysis and the most contemporary currents of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. At the same time, I have started my path of personal analysis with a Didactic Psychotherapist from the Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Catalonia, with whom I continue to work, because, as S. Freud said: “Being totally honest with yourself is a good exercise”.

I consider the supervisory work and the process of self-knowledge as an integral part of the therapeutic profession, since I believe that only from authenticity and humility you can find the others and help them discover their truth.

Entering IPITIA has given me the opportunity to meet a team of highly prepared, open and motivated therapists. Every day I find this as a very enriching experience.

Training in Psychology


Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Padua (Italy)


Training in the design of sociocultural intervention programs and projects from the University of Granada


Master in Management and Conflict Resolution from the University of Barcelona


Master in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from the University of Gerona



I am passionate about dance: it is a unique way to unite physical effort, performance and body expression. In particular I study Flamenco and Arabic Dance, although I am always open to experimenting with other forms of expression.


I adore the cinema: I love getting lost in the dark in the old movie theaters to see some auteur films, or go to a Festival to do real marathons of new films.


Reading is a way of avoiding and nurturing myself at the same time, and what I read depends a lot on the mood I have at that moment and the vital phase that I am living.


Travel and gastronomy: I really like to travel and discover new exotic places or small nearby gems. For me it is important above all to immerse myself in the culture of the place and to be able to see it with the eyes of its inhabitants. Gastronomy is a fundamental part of this process, as well as a great pleasure for me.









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