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Homosexuality and obsessive disorders

Homosexuality and obsessive disorders

I want to start with a rather blunt sentence. The majority of those affected by an obsessive disorder which is centered around the idea of being a homosexual or a lesbian, are in fact not. And I am capable of saying this without problem because I have worked with many people who have come to me with this problem.

An obsession about possible homosexuality does not indicate that the person in question is in fact a homosexual, they simply have their nervous system completely blocked and they are stuck in this fearful state.

What are the possible causes for which a nervous system can become blocked?

I will enumerate several reasons:

  • Having suffered a traumatic experience of some kind during childhood. For example sexual abuse, the sudden death of a loved one, among others.
  • Having suffered from bullying at school, physical or mental abuse.
  • Having to mature precociously and alone, or feeling alone.
  • Having done something very serious for the person in question feels very guilty.

Not everyone who has suffered one of these situations is going to develop an obsessive disorder, but it’s a fact that the majority of people who suffer from an obsessive disorder have indeed suffered one of these situation.

Type of reiterative thought

Therefore, is the type of reiterative thought process important? Yes, in the sense that it’s the mechanism which the unconscious has used to rebel itself against the nervous block, and in a sense the content of the thought process is of great annoyance to the nervous block.

For this reason, as I have said before in other articles on this blog, this is not about learning to stop thought processes.

This is about:

  • Deblocking the nervous system.
  • Discovering what are the patient’s vital attitudes, his codes of conduct and values to understand what his unconscious is rebelling so vehemently against.
  • That’s to say: deblocking, discovering, transforming and freeing oneself.

Once this has been done, the homosexual ideation disappears.

(…and that it be clear to my readers, if someone is a homosexual there is no problem, they have a complete right to follow their sexual orientation).

Damián Ruiz

Clinical Psychologist

Jungian Analyst

Director of IPITIA