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How to help yourself overcome OCD

How to help yourself overcome OCD

The AFOP method, if you read my blog, is based on psycho-physical techniques developed by me, as well as profound therapeutic work, but there are some basic considerations which can help the patient in his or her journey to a full recovery from OCD. They are 15 simple and general guidelines and may not suit everyone, but I recommend incoporating several so as to aid in the therapeutic process. I have broken them down into several categories:


Food and drinks to be avoided:

– Coffee

– Tea

– Soda drinks containing caffeine

– Chocolate

– Alcohol

– Energy drinks

– Spicy foods

– It is important that one follow a diet low in animal protein, sugar, wheat and dairy products.


Physical recommendations:

– It is highly recommendable to undertake a group or solo sport, especially ones which can help to work out excess aggression

– Yoga (of all kinds)

– Dancing

– Primal screaming (but the cries must come from the diaphragm, they have to potent and executed without fear.)


Social recommendations:

– Involvement in a social group, club or association which is detached from the family unit.

– Reading and studying in libraries.

– Socialising with friends and doing activities of all sorts with them.

Damián Ruiz

Clinical Psychologist

Jungian Analyst

Director of IPITIA