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General Health Psychologist


Isabella Guerrieri psicóloga de TOC en Barcelona

Colegio de Psicología de Cataluña (nº 20669)

British Psychological Society (nº 440259)

Hi, I am Isabella Guerrieri, a general health psychologist and psychotherapist, specialised in adult psychotherapy.

I was born in Italy and grew up in the USA, where I landed at the age of 7 without knowing a word of English. It was a big shock for me, on a personal, cultural, social, scholastic and linguistic level. Adapting took a lot of effort and was not easy, but the experience gave me open-mindedness, flexibility, empathy and my first encounter with resilience.

Growing up, my fascination for philosophy and the instinct of wanting to help others, made me find my way to psychology, with which I fell deeply in love.

I began my training at the University of Padua, where I obtained a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Dynamic Clinical Psychology (degrees recognised in Spain). After a year of internship in accredited clinics and in the Adult Mental Health Centre of Padua, I decided to broaden my vision of the world and of psychology by travelling and living professional experiences in other countries.

My professional experience began in the humanitarian field, with the aim of bringing my knowledge and tools to those who could not reach to psychological help, participating in an International Cooperation project in Guatemala with the NGO IBO Italia for a year and later participating in a project of psychological support to Senegalese immigrant women with the NGO Aseser Teranga in La Coruña.

After these experiences I realised that I needed to complete my clinical training (although this feeling will be with me for the rest of my life!). In 2011 I decided to move to Barcelona to take a two-year Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Barcelona and to train as a Cognitive-Behavioural psychotherapist at the Therapy Unit of the University of Barcelona, where I worked with patients with anxiety, depression, sexual and eating disorders.

In line with my experiences and humanitarian vision, in 2013 I co-founded, together with some colleagues, the Association Col-lectiu Sísifo, which offers free psychological support to victims of evictions in the neighbourhoods of Ciutat Meridiana, Torre Baró and Vallbona in Barcelona, where I am still working today, thanks to the collaboration with the Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat of Catalunya.

For a long time I have combined clinical work with training in companies and teaching in the academic field, having collaborated as an associate lecturer and thesis tutor in the Official Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology at the University of Barcelona and the Abat Oliba CEU Barcelona University.

Thanks to the collaboration with clinics, associations, universities, scientific research projects, NGOs and mental health centres, in the last 13 years I have accumulated experience as a psychologist and psychotherapist treating patients with various pathologies and problems, in particular: anxiety disorders, OCD, mood disorders, psychosomatic disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders; and problems related to sexuality and couples, self-esteem and emotional dependency, as well as self-knowledge and personal growth.

My encounter with Ipitia has been very enriching, giving me the opportunity to collaborate with a stimulating international team, to continue advancing and learning as a psychotherapist in a highly qualified and at the same time humane environment.

Training in Psychology


EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (specific for post-traumatic stress), EMDR Europe


Mindfulness training


Official Master's Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Barcelona (honours in professional practices)


Bachelor's Degree and Official Master's Degree in Clinical Dynamic Psychology at the University of Padova (Italy)


Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapist at the Therapy Unit of the University of Barcelona.

Cultural Hobbies


Travelling, exploring, discovering, adventuring, getting lost in the alleys of a city, getting to know different cultures, traditions and gastronomies, communicating with the citizens of the world who decide to smile at me.


Taking out my reflex and expressing the unsaid, going to an art exhibition, discovering a new gallery, enjoying a good film, reflecting on an independent theater play and satisfying my curiosity by reading a magazine, a blog or a book.


Let myself be surrounded by music in all its forms and possibilities, possibly live, from jazz, soul, funk, swing, indie, rock, folk and blues.


Connecting with nature, trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and learning about the power of plants.


Challenging myself every day with a new challenge.











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