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A life without obsessions

A life without obsessions

The majority of the people who suffer from OCD live trapped in fear. They live with a profound lack of bravery which causes their main reason of living to be not to bother anyone, wanting to be liked by everybody, and to adapt to what others want from them like little lambs, even giving up on their own destiny if necessary. They act like the walking dead who promenade their head from place to place, or stay in their tiny vital space as if they were a hostage to themselves.

Many of them are like I tend to say like tigers pretending to be kitties or like wolves pretending to be puppies. That’s why when someone suffers from an obsessive disorder, whether serious or not, we can say that they are biologically inactivated and that they “function” like a robot adapting to the needs of others.

So what do we have to do then therapeutically speaking?

Activate life. That’s it. Liberate yourself from your fear, step out of your thoughts in order to live. Live your life with braveness, decisiveness, and passion… Get out of the vicious circle… Free your jammed psyche.
Dive into a meaningful life head-down, surpassing those aspects from the past that generated fear; the angst and despair that live in every person with OCD.

Take charge of your own live. Challenge the rigid and pathological environment that might have conditioned your mind as an infant, adolescent or youngster to the point of becoming a slave to yourself. Or free yourself from the humiliating conviction of classmates or family members that brought you down psychologically.

Some of my patients feel a certain kind of emptiness, or even fear, once they are free of obsessions for the first time, sometimes after years of suffering, because for the first time their mind is free to think about whatever they want without a single kind of intrusion.

That’s why whatever the form of your OCD might be: fear of being homosexual, fear of hurting someone, panic of feeling attracted to minors, doubts about your partner, imperfections of the body, infidelity etc… you have to trust that it can be cured completely, since this is true in the majority of the cases.

Damián Ruiz

Clinical Psychologist

Jungian Analyst

Director of IPITIA