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IPITIA International Psychological Institute

Specialists in Obsessive Disorders and Anxiety

IPITIA is a psychological center which specializes in the treatment of Obsessive Disorders and Anxiety. The professional and experienced team of  IPITIA offers you effective and innovative treatment through the AFOP® method.

Happy Holidays

During the year 2021, 490 people from 30 different countries have confided in Ipitia for their Anxiety and OCD treatment.

The team of Ipitia wants to thank you for your trust and sends you the best wishes. We hope you will find the strength to fulfill your goals and dreams in 2022. Next year we will continue to be by your side to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Our distinctive Character


It is IPITIA’s mission to continuously investigate and improve the treatment of psychological problems, especially Obsessive and Anxiety Disorders.

Our objective is to help people overcome even the most resistant cases, thereby continuing our road towards becoming an International Center of Reference in the field.

We offer Face-to-Face therapy in our center in Barcelona, Online Therapy, Intensive Individual Programs and Group Therapy, all these in a wide range of languages.

Face to Face Therapy

Online Therapy

Intensive Therapy

Group Therapy

Our method for OCD and Anxiety

In IPITIA we treat Obsessive Disorders (OCD) and Anxiety Disorders with our own method, which sintesizes and integrates different psychological approaches such as Jungian Analysis, the biopsychological theory of Millon, Psychobiology and Ethology. It is an Analytical- Experiental method which we named the AFOP (Drive, Focalization and Activation) method. 

Our method is based in an integral and immersive approach, in which we focus on all the different aspects of the patient’s life in order to unblock the central nervous system.

We have a strong commitment with the patient, breaking with the traditional aseptic and distant therapeutical bond, in order to accompany you fully. 

We have an experienced team of psychologists with a profound Academic education who contribute to the synthesis of Our Method with their varied backgrounds.

We engage in continuous Internal Evaluation through psychological tests, self-evaluation tests, as well as treatment satisfaction inquiries.

XVI European Congress of Psychology
July 2-5 2019 Moscow, Russia
AFOP®: A new method for treating OCD

XXI International Congress for Analytical Psychology
August 25 – 30, 2019 | Viena, Austria
«The Promethean society and its enemies»

A Center Unique because of its Efficacy in Treating Obsessive Disorders and Anxiety

Since we founded IPITIA in 2014 we’ve treated patients from all around the world and in many different languages. We’ve obtained promising results and have managed to achieve an ever improving rate of efficacy.

We offer complimentary treatment options for our patients and for people who are interested in our center, such as: weekly activities, 1-3 days group therapy, articles, videos and information. You can contact us through the form below or by phone +34 935282353.

Our way of working and our vision about OCD and Anxiety Disorders are summarized in a book and a masterclass, developed by Damián Ruíz, the Director and founder of Ipitia.

Freeing the monkey, saving the princess

This book about OCD, written by the director of IPITIA, Damián Ruiz, is aimed at people who suffer from an obsessive disorder, their relatives and friends, and all those therapists, doctors or psychologists who patients with OCD. In an informative way and with an innovative method, this book will help you understand the causes of OCD, the different kind of obsessions that exist, and what changes in your everyday life can help you overcome an obsessive compulsive disorder.

Or write us through the contact form, providing us with your phone number and availability, and we will call you free of charge

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