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Private therapy

Individual psychological assessment and counselling session

with Damián Ruiz

Private therapy

Individual psychological assessment and counselling session

with Damián Ruiz

Private and personalised session

This is a private, personalised and exclusive service for people who need psychological clarification of what is happening to them, as well as guidance on the courses of action that I believe they should follow to significantly improve their problem, all in the utmost confidentiality.

A unique methodology

For many people who suffer from a psychological disorder, in this case OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or not), the most important thing is to know what is happening to them, why it is happening to them and what they can do to improve.

However, in psychology it is important to analyse and observe without prejudice, that is, without the therapist perceiving what he or she learns through the patient’s words in a schematic way and trying to fit it into one or another psychological stream or label it in a certain way.


The therapist must have a broad theoretical and practical preparation that guarantees the knowledge to deal with cases of a certain complexity, but at the moment he/she sits in front of a patient, he/she must have a very open mind, pay attention to the details of what the person is saying and be able to elaborate a line of therapeutic action beyond whether it fits into a certain psychological theoretical body or not.


In my case, I am not a cognitive-behavioural psychologist because I always respect all current tendencies, but I was not convinced by this theory even when I was a young student. The reason is that for me it represents a reduction of the human being to two levels: thought and behaviour, whereas I believe that genetics and the unconscious are much more important (and this has very significant implications not only on a psychological level, but also on a philosophical, ideological and even political level, but that is another subject).


But cognitive-behavioural therapy, which is the official therapy in Spain, is effective in many cases and not so much in others, otherwise the vast majority of patients in our centre would not have gone through this treatment before coming to us.

Does that mean we are more effective? It means that the approach is very different and that our results are satisfactory in a fair number of cases.

The question is, what do we do when a person comes in for this four-hour individual assessment and counselling session?

What does the Individual Psychological Assessment and Counselling Session consist of?

First of all, I will ask them what is wrong with them and since when and how the disorder has developed.

Then I will do a complete analysis of their whole life history.

I will look at possible traumatic aspects of the patient’s life.

I will make as complete a personality profile as possible.

I will look for the most appropriate way for him or her to start acting to improve or try to overcome the OCD (when we talk about patients who have overcome it, we mean that in some cases they have not taken medication or had symptoms for four or five years. We do not know what will happen in the future, but we think we know what the right lifestyle is to avoid future relapses).

We will conclude the session with an action plan and therapeutic suggestions.

What can you expect from this personalised session?

A clearer picture of what is happening to you, why it is happening to you and what, in my opinion, you can do to significantly improve your OCD.

Conditions of the personalised Assessment and Counselling session

This session takes place in person in Barcelona, in my private practice (linked to IPITIA), located in the Sant Gervasi area, or in the client’s home or hotel, within the city of Barcelona, if the client has moved and is looking for more privacy.

Sessions can be conducted in Spanish, Catalan and French. For other languages, such as English or Italian, the presence of a translator, probably a psychologist (who will sign a strict confidentiality and data protection protocol), will be required.

The whole personalised session will take place in a framework of strict confidentiality, where only the person in charge of the patient’s care (also under this strict confidentiality protocol) and I will know of the patient’s existence.

Esta sesión se hará de forma presencial en Barcelona, en mi consulta privada (vinculada al IPITIA) y sita en la zona de Sant Gervasi o en el apartamento u hotel del cliente, dentro de la ciudad de Barcelona, en caso de que se haya desplazado y busque la mayor privacidad.

My professional qualifications


Graduate and Postgraduate in Psychology from the University of Barcelona.

Master in Analytical Psychology from the Ramon Llull University of Barcelona.

Member of the COPC (Official College of Psychologists of Catalonia, 7884).

Jungian Analyst, member of the IAAP (International Association of Analytical Psychology).

Accredited health psychologist.

Director of the IPITIA (Institut Psicologic Internacional de Barcelona) centre specialising in OCD and anxiety, which uses its own eclectic and integrative methodology in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorders.

I have been an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Barcelona and I am a guest lecturer at Masters and Postgraduate Courses in Analytical Psychology.


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Private therapy