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Reasons to participate in the Therapeutic Week for the treatment of Obsessive Disorders

Reasons to participate in the Therapeutic Week for the treatment of Obsessive Disorders

In this article I’d like to present you the Therapeutic Week, a recurring event in IPITIA. Every year we organize various Therapeutic Weeks, weeks in which you will have a unique and exclusive experience. The Therapeutic week is a week with an active program of 4-5 hours daily, which is based on the Analytical- Experiential method. During these hours you will receive one one-hour individual session with me (Damián Ruiz) and you will participate in intensive group therapy, the famous “Workouts”

It has been a while since I developed the Analytical- Experiential method for the treatment of obsessive disorders. This method, which we’re steadily improving and advancing in IPITIA (Institut Psicològic Internacional de Barcelona) is showing to be highly effective in a vast number of our clients, in such a way that the majority of our clients gets cured completely or improve significantly.

Our method has its base in research, experience and rational logic and a complete dedication to solving the serious problem that OCD is.

The goal of the Analytical- Experiential method is to recuperate the person’s instincts. Instincts that got blocked and inhibited at a certain period of their life, usually during infancy or adolescence. At the same time we free the person of their tyrannic thoughts that occupy their mind relentlessly; that is, in biological and ethological terms we return them to life.

What are the Workouts?

A significant part of our treatment are the aforementioned “Workouts”. These are intense 4-hour sessions in which we combine psychological, physical, emotional and creative exercises in a way that all participants get confronted with their personal limits and blockages. The exercises are not focused on mere exposure but on recuperating the person’s true personality, including their temperament, goals, their expression of anger, their feelings, their will to win, to regain an open communication with the people around them, while overcoming fear, shyness and insecurity.

What can I expect in the Therapeutic Week?

The first day every participant is usually very similar. You might feel a bit scared off the day ahead of you and what you mind find. You might notice this the first 30 minutes, but as you become more and more involved as time passes you will undergo a different experience, intense yet freeing.

The Therapeutic week will consist of one 1-hour session of individual therapy with Damián Ruiz, two sessions with external therapist, and 4 daily hours of Workout in the afternoon. In these sessions we will work on unblocking both conscious and unconscious elements that generate anxiety, and we will provide you with a clear plan on what you have to do in order to overcome OCD and live a life free of suffering.
In the mornings you will have time to discover Barcelona.

What are the benefits of participating in the Therapeutic Week?

The Therapeutic Week will help you to unblock the central nervous system and will provide you with a specific plan on how to overcome OCD. The therapeutic week foments a strong acceleration in your curing process,a process which would normally take more time. That’s why it can be a good start of therapy or an extra impulse for those who’ve been in therapy for a while.

Ever since we inaugurated IPITIA, now three years ago, we have worked with hundreds of people, and even though we haven’t been able to satisfy everybody we managed to satisfy the majority of our clients. Our method is based on solid logic, ethology, biology and the theory of Carl G. Jung. We keep on improving and personalizing our therapies. That’s why we offer the Therapeutic Week several times every year, to those people who suffer from OCD and would like to start to improve significantly, yet live far away from Barcelona.

We’re so convinced that you will start to improve that we will return your participation fee if your obsessions haven’t reduced significantly at the end of the Therapeutic Week.

Our main and only goal is to cure our clients.

Damián Ruiz

Clinical Psychologist

Jungian Analyst

Director of IPITIA