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In the United States and other countries, asking those who have overcome a disorder to write and share their experience for the center or clinic in which they were treated is considered a violation of their privacy and their goodwill. For this reason, here at IPITIA we do not ask that anyone to write about their experience for us. We understand that the reputation of a center, of its team, and of a kind of therapy becomes known through its efficacy.

We are confident in what we offer. Our results, in the vast majority of cases, back this up and for those who we have not been able to help, we are continuing to investigate the causes and we keep on working with tenacity, dedication and responsibility as our core values.

We have treated patients from all over the world, including Spain,  France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Romania, Mexico, Kuwait, the United States, Japan, Peru and many more, some of them having visited us from their respective countries and cities to be treated by our team in the intensive programs we offer. Online treatments also make us able to reach and treat people from different parts of the world, in Spanish, English, French, Dutch and Italian. More and more people from inside or outside Barcelona are coming to our monthly Workouts. We will continue to work, investigate, and look for the keys to help all those who trust in us.

Possiamo però affermare con grande soddisfazione che abbiamo accolto pazienti da tutta la Spagna, Francia, Regno Unito, Italia, Romania, Messico, Kuwait etc. che hanno deciso di intraprendere lunghi viaggi per poter partecipare alle nostre sessioni e lavorare con il nostro team. Per quanto riguarda la modalità online, facciamo terapia a pazienti che vivono in diverse parti del mondo, in spagnolo, inglese, francese, olandese e italiano. I nostri Workouts mensuali contano ogni volta su un numero sempre più elevato di partecipanti. Continuiamo a lavorare e ricercare le chiavi che ci permettano di aiutare tutti quelli che ripongono la loro fiducia in noi.


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Or write us through the contact form, providing us with your phone number and availability, and we will call you free of charge.

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