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The therapeutic process at IPITIA

The methodology with an Analytical-Experiential approach that we use at IPITIA, specific for the treatment of Obsessive Disorders and Anxiety Disorders, has been evolving over the years, with the sole objective of increasingly improving its effectiveness.

The perspective from which we approached OCD and Anxiety since 2014, result of 20 years of clinical experience by the Director of IPITIA Damián Ruíz, was new and different, and responded precisely to the need to offer a higher percentage of success in reduction of obsessive symptoms and anxiety. From that moment on, we have never stopped reflecting, measuring and researching our work and its results, to continue improving and demonstrating that OCD can be significantly improved, in many cases until it disappears.

Because of these reasons, and as a result of all the clinical evidence that we have generated, this year 2022 the therapeutic process at IPITIA is made up of different phases compared to the past, placing more emphasis from the beginning on the experiential component of unlocking the instinctive and drive elements, with the sole objective of generating an even more effective and efficient impact in terms of the time required for generating the improvement. The therapeutic process can therefore be divided into three phases:

proceso terapeutico TOC Ipitia Barcelona explicacion

Phases of the therapeutic process at IPITIA

Initial phase

Therapeutic phase

Unblocking phase

Primera sesion de diagnostico de TOC y valoracion

1 – Initial phase: In the first session, a member of the IPITIA management team makes a clear diagnosis, the causative and maintenance factors of the obsessive disorder and anxiety are located, and the treatment plan is designed.

Tratamiento individual presencial en Barcelona u online para TOC

2 – Therapeutic Phase: Once the first session is over, the patient begins the therapeutic process with the most appropriate psychologist for the specific case. From this moment on, the vital changes necessary to reduce anxiety and obsessive symptoms will be integrated with therapeutic supervision. It is carried out through sessions of 1 hour ,Face-to-face or Online.

Terapia intensiva individual o grupal para trastorno obsesivo compulsivo

3 – Unblocking Phase: In the months following the start of the individual sessions, according to the patient’s needs, an unblocking phase is carried out, which represents a turning point in the improvement of symptoms and the integration of changes. This intervention, with a large experiential component, is essential to lay the foundations for change. In our Intensive Group Program we work to unblock the elements that cause anxiety (the basis of OCD) and the social challenges of OCD. For those who wish, it can also be done individually (Intensive Individual Program).

Doing this program as part of the therapeutic process is necessary for the integration of the changes and the improvement of the symptoms.

Although we consider it essential at a therapeutic level to participate in a group or individual intensive, due to geographical distance and the implications that this entails, participation face-to-face in Barcelona will not be essential for the time for patients residing outside the European Union, although it is recommended.

Therapy at IPITIA is a demanding process, which requires involvement, effort and a partial reorganization, from the beginning, of some elements of daily life. But it is also an exciting process, which is based on the idea that the struggle and efforts to live how you want, and not just for mere survival, are the only path to a significant improvement in obsessive symptoms and anxiety. Read more about our methodology.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions, both by email and by phone.





Therapeutic Modalities

Intensive Group Therapy

Intensive Group Therapy

5 days of analysis and group exercises to combat anxiety, break blocks and treat the social aspects of OCD

Face to Face Therapy

Face to Face Therapy

From the start we work on lowering anxiety levels, so that your obsessions and compulsions become less frequent

Online Therapy

Online Therapy

An effective modality  aimed at people, who for work reasons, place of residence or other, cannot come to our center


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