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Online Therapy

Terapia eficaz en Barcelona presencial para trastorno obsesivo compulsivo
The Initial Phase, the first stage of our Therapeutic Process, can be Face-to-face or Online. In this initial phase, a clear diagnosis is provided and the causative and maintenance factors of the obsessive disorder and anxiety are located. Thus, the therapeutic path is designed to begin improvement based on the needs of each person. The patient receives all the information for the continuation of the treatment and the bases for the subsequent Unblocking Phase are laid. Online Therapy is carried out, regardless of where the patient resides, through Skype with a member of the IPITIA management team. The session lasts 1 hour.

The second stage of the process is the Therapeutic Phase, where the changes will be applied under the supervision of the therapist. This part can also be done in Face-to-Face or Online.

Estructure of the Therapy



The sessions can be held in Spanish, English, Italian, French, Dutch and Catalan and are carried out through the Skype videoconference software, which can be downloaded free of charge to any PC, Tablet or even Mobile.

The sessions last 60 minutes and we suggest that they be carried out weekly initially. Subsequently, as the level of anxiety associated with the problem decreases, and the patient gains autonomy in managing the changes due to therapy, the sessions will be spaced out over time (every two weeks, then every month, every two months). etc.).

The first session is carried out with one of the members of Ipitia’s management, who will provide a clear diagnosis, an initial analysis of the factors that cause and maintain the problem, and will indicate the most appropriate therapeutic path to begin to solve it. Part of these indications is the choice, in agreement with the patient, of the most suitable psychologist from the Ipitia team for the specific case and the assessment of the need or less of a pharmacological follow-up.





Why to do Online Therapy

The uniqueness and specificity of the methodology with which we work at Ipitia and the results we are obtaining have made more and more patients, in more than 30 countries around the world, decide to trust our clinical work. Online therapy allows anyone from any country to start working on OCD and Anxiety Disorders with a different and effective methodology, even if they do not reside in Barcelona.

The Online therapeutic modality does not differ from the face-to-face one in terms of the results obtained, as long as the patient’s commitment to their healing process reaches the levels required by any effective therapeutic process.

Our patients testify to how, even in this non-face-to-face modality, the relationship with the psychologist develops in a strong and stable way, and that the feeling of closeness is noticeable from the first session. 

Our specific methodology

The methodology with which we work at Ipitia has been researched and created specifically to obtain significant results in the treatment of OCD and Anxiety Disorders. It is an exclusive approach of our Center, which we have called Analytical-Experiential, due to the constant integration of the Analysis of the factors that cause and maintain the disorder, with the necessary experience of those Vital Experiences that are essential for the biology of the nervous system to Express yourself spontaneously. The Activation and Focus of the Drives and Vital Instincts repressed due to fear throughout life, allows the normal regulation of the patient’s level of anxiety, with the consequent progressive decrease in obsessive and compulsive symptoms (Complete info on the methodology click here)



Immersive experience

Due to all the experience accumulated in the treatment of OCD and Anxiety Disorders, we are aware of the level of suffering with which the patient usually lives, but at the same time of all the necessary changes so that it begins to decrease significantly. Overcoming OCD does not mean learning to manage the obsessive symptoms at the moment they appear, but acquiring a different way of living and facing the world so that they stop appearing. In order for this great change to progressively occur, the same therapy must represent the basis of it, providing the possibilities to become immersively involved in the healing process. For this reason:

– The sessions explore in depth, analyze, plan and learn, but specific exercises are also proposed to unblock the nervous system to be carried out throughout the week.

– Therapist and patient agree on one or more activities to be carried out outside the therapeutic context to strengthen and accompany it, always with the aim of activating those aspects of the personality that have been repressed under layers of anxiety and obsessions.

IMPORTANT: Ipitia is limited to offering some possibilities that we believe are useful to increase therapeutic efficacy, but participation in each and every one of them is completely voluntary on the part of the patient, who will decide completely freely if, how and when to take advantage of them.


Objetives and expected results

The objective with which we work is not the management of Obsessive Compulsive or Anxiety symptoms at the moment they appear, but the significant decrease in the Intensity and Frequency with which they manifest themselves, even, in many cases, at its complete disappearance.

OCD is an Anxiety Disorder, and therefore anxiety is what sustains the obsessions and compulsions. Without Anxiety, conscious or unconscious, there is no OCD.

As has been demonstrated in the research presented at the European Congress of Psychology in Moscow in July 2019, at Ipitia we focus and obtain significant results in reducing Trait Anxiety (level of anxiety with which you face life in general) and not only in State Anxiety (anxiety level at this specific moment).

A real improvement in the patient’s quality of life necessarily involves an improvement in their state of mind, in the strength with which they face existence and in the level of enthusiasm with which they live everyday life and the future. And all this is possible only by influencing Trait Anxiety levels, which implicitly implies the reduction or disappearance of Obsessive Symptoms.

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Other therapeutic modalities

Face-to-face therapy

Face-to-face therapy

From the beginning we work to decrease the internal level of anxiety, so that the obsessions and compulsions decrease.

Intensive Group Therapy

Intensive Group Therapy

Patients will face their fears and inhibitions in a different and innovative way


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