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  • Have you suffered from obsessions and/or compulsions for a long time and are looking for a solution?
  • Do you feel trapped in your anxiety?
  • Do you lose a lot of time thinking or doing certain things in order to lower your anxiety?
  • Do you get the feeling that you’re not living the life you want to?
  • Have you tried many therapies and none of them have helped?
  • Is it hard for you to stop thinking and live your life?

If you’ve answered one or more of these questions with “Yes!” you may be suffering from OCD and/or Anxiety

It is possible that you have undergone therapy and have not noticed any improvements. Maybe you are still struggling with your obsessions and/or compulsions. Perhaps Anxiety is preventing you from connecting with other people. Maybe you spend a lot of time at home, trapped by Anxiety. You may have problems sleeping, being unable to focus on what you are doing. Perhaps you worry about the future and about what will happen if you cannot manage this Anxiety. It could also be that you have been suffering for so long that you think there is no solution.


In IPITIA Barcelona, we believe that no one should be suffering from OCD. With the AFOP® method, OCD, with or without compulsions, and with moderate or high levels of anxiety, can be cured. AFOP’s therapeutic process is completely different compared to other psychological treatments, which makes it suited to you especially if you have been through other types of OCD therapy.


All this can make you feel desolated or unable but you are not alone in this!

Obsessive Disorders (OCD) are a problem which affects around 3% of the population. The symptoms can appear at any point in our lives (at any age) and they are equally frequent among men and women.

In IPITIA Barcelona, we understand that Obsessive Disorders (OCD) are a psychological problem which comes from the blockage of the nervous system. This can be caused by various things:

  • The individual’s genetic predisposition.
  • Environmental circumstances during the affected person’s development.
  • Traumatic life situations during childhood, adolescence and youth.

The nervous system of the person with this kind of disorder becomes “blocked or stuck”, due to a continuous high level of stress during childhood or to a single traumatic event.


The AFOP® treatment is completely focused on curing OCD. From the start we work on lowering anxiety levels, so that your obsessions and compulsions become less frequent. We will propose activities that will motivate you and will help you to feel free and free from anxiety. In the sessions we help you discover your passion and we work on integrating passion in your life. This is important, since not doing things that we are passionate about is usually one of the causes of OCD.

On the other hand we work on assertiveness and on “being able to say no”. This enables you to distance yourself from those behaviors and things that are currently standing in the way of your goals. Many people who have OCD are afraid to stand up for themselves, to defend their opinion or to do things that are considered outside the box. These are essential parts to being authentic. That’s why in AFOP we work on assertiveness from the very beginning.

But that’s not all. In the sessions we will surprise you with exercises that will help you to release energy and get rid of any roadblocks you might encounter along the way. In these exercises we use music, physical exercises, socratic dialogues, our voices and bodies.

In short, the AFOP® OCD treatment is focused on liberating energy, cultivating passion and connecting with yourself.


You can be free from OCD!

Do I have to make changes? I’m worried that I won’t be able to.

Yes, in order to cure OCD it is important to make important changes in your life. However, these changes are always directed to liberate you from your anxiety, so that you can feel and be more authentic. The therapist will be there for you during the process, so you are not alone. If a certain change is difficult for you, the therapist will help you to find a way to deal with it.

What differentiates AFOP® from other therapies?

In the AFOP® method, we don’t focus on the content of the obsessions and compulsions or on simply reducing their frequency. In a way, the content of the obsessions and compulsions is irrelevant, since they are the result of our anxiety, and the fact that we live in our own mental prison.


That’s why AFOP® doesn’t focus on reducing symptoms and instead aims to liberate those parts of our personality that we put to one side because of our anxiety. In order to reach this objective, we use innovative techniques which aren’t used in any other kind of therapy.

Which factors influence the outcome of therapy?

For AFOP® to work, it is really important to open yourself up to the advice of the therapist, since this is key to liberating yourself. Another main factor is your motivation for personal change, and the time you can dedicate to it outside the therapist’s office. In general you could say that the more time you dedicate outside the session, the sooner you will notice improvements.

When can I expect to notice any improvements?

With AFOP® change can be quick. Most clients notice a considerable improvement after 10 sessions and feel cured after 6 months-2 years.

Why isn’t the therapy more known?
That’s a good question. We’re currently working on getting the word out through our blog, Facebook, and patients who have been cured. On the other hand we’re currently preparing a scientific investigation to confirm what we’ve already seen in the clinic: that in the majority of the cases AFOP® can help to cure OCD completely.

If you want to know more about the AFOP® method, we recommend you to buy the book “Freeing the monkey, saving the princess”, written by Damián Ruiz, clinical psychologist and director of the center.

AFOP® therapies

Intensive therapy

Intensive Therapy

For those people who want to confront their OCD in a radical and conclusive way to get a head start in their curing process.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Where patients face their fears and inhibitions in a different and innovative way. It is a warm environment, yet intense

Online Therapy

Online Therapy

An effective modality aimed at people, who for work reasons, place of residence or other, cannot come to our center

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