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Why is it so frecuent in heterosexual men the Homosexual OCD?

Why is it so frecuent in heterosexual men the Homosexual OCD?

I never really thought that there would be so many men that only like women, and therefore are exclusively heterosexual, with fear of liking men.
It is true that each and every one of them thinks that they are a unique case and that they are about to discover their true sexual nature, that is, homosexuality.
Nothing further, and I say it without any type of prejudice, neither personal nor psychological, because heterosexual and homosexuality seem as normal to me. It’s just that they are not gay.

Then, what is happening to me?

Well, they are tremendously psychically weakened and we could say that they have neuroticized with the theme “homosexual”.
They check again and again if they like a man, if they can become attracted to a boy, or if they have a physiological reaction when they think about a naked man or a penis. They undergo all kinds of mental tests imagining all kinds of things, even doing a fellatio to another man, simply to check one and a thousand times whether they like it or not.

Well, they don’t.

Gay men like men a lot, and they don’t need to check themselves. They simply feel deeply attracted to them and without any kind of doubt.
Therefore: we are before men who have lost their security, their determination. Many times they are submitted or have been submitted by the circumstances.
They have lost their power in the biosocial environment and feel completely misplaced.
If a therapy is started to rebuild a strong, determined, assertive, firm and daring self, the anxiety that fuels this obsessive disorder begins to descend and with them the homosexual ideas.

Damián Ruiz

Clinical Psychologist

Jungian Analyst

Director of IPITIA

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