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Director of IPITIA


Barcelona (Catalunya-España)

When I started, now twenty years ago, to work as a psychologist I never imagined that I would treat so many people, of all ages, problems, and even nationalities. During these years I have learnt a lot through continuous training and reading, but above all from the hundreds of patients I have had.

And so it is that when one is open-minded, the world, life, people are also books from which you can acquire wisdom. Because it is about getting older but with a wider, more flexible conscience, with a greater ability to love those who suffer, and above all other considerations, that healing becomes an absolute priority.  In the center I direct, my only intention is to heal, cure, free from suffering.

To heal, to cure, to free from suffering is my only purpose and the only purpose of the center I lead.



Born in Barcelona, 1964.


Postgraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona (UB)


Titular Jungian analyst, member of the Carl G. Jung Institute of Barcelona and the IAAP (International Association of Analytical Psychology).


Director of IPITIA | International Psychological Institute.


20 years of experience as a psychotherapist.


Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona (UB)


Masters in Analytical Psychological from the University Ramón Llull, Barcelona


Developer of the AFOP® methodology (Activación y Focalización Pulsional – Drive activation and focalization) for the treatment of obsessive disorders.


Masters professor of Psychology and Analytical Psychotherapy in the C.G. Jung Institute of Barcelona.


Collegiate num. 7884

Letter of the Director
Damián Ruiz

To think in a different way when the standard methods do not manage to solve psychological problems should be something normal in the field of psychology. This is the reason I started to develop AFOP® (Activación y Focalización Pulsional; Drive Activation and Focalization) which is the method we use now at IPITIA in order to treat Obsessive and Anxiety disorders.

Our method is effective, innovative, pragmatic, profound, and personalized. Our goal is always a complete recovery, even in severe and chronic cases, or in case this is not possible, a considerable reduction in obsessive and anxiety symptomatology.

IPITIA was founded in April 2014 and ever since we have achieved very positive therapeutic results which make us more firm in the need of offering our services, even though in some cases we’ve reached only small advances.

We are on our way to become an established international center in the treatment of OCD. We keep on investigating on a theoretical and practical level to keep on improving our treatment and method so to reach that even the most resistant cases will achieve a significant advance.

We have many patients from all over the world who are currently following treatment with us through one of our many different treatment options: face-to-face therapy, online therapy, group workouts, and intensive individual treatment in Barcelona or in the place of residence of the patient.

We accept the responsibility it takes to put your trust in the hands of the team I direct, because we know how much suffering OCD and Anxiety can cause.

Finally I’d like to say that in many different occasions I’ve written about what psychology and psychological treatment should imply: a method which frees the patient of psychological and emotional suffering and helps them to find an internal long-term equilibrium. And yes, in order to reach this you will have to dig into the profoundness of the subconscious, however this is not enough. It will only be enough once this newfound knowledge will translate into a practical application in the patient’s daily life.

We are a team of highly motivated professionals who are ready to take on the challenge and to try to cure each and every patient that starts a therapy with us.

Our commitment is to keep on improving continuously.

Damián Ruiz
Col. 7884

Clinical Psychologist
Director of IPITIA
Jungian Analyst [I.A.A.P.]
Barcelona, October, 2016

Interview to Damián Ruiz (spanish)


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