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Intensive Group Treatment for OCD in Barcelona

What is the Intensive Group program?

The intensive group program is specifically designed for those who want to cope with the process of dissolving obsessive disorder, be it compulsive or not.

During one weekend there will be 16 hours of therapy and exercises in order to fully understand the causes of the obsessive problem, work it in a motivating and innovative way, and build a strong idea of how to continue in the process of reduction of the anxiety underlying the obsessive manifestations.

The program is based on the AFOP® methodology (Activation and Pulsional Focalisation), developed by Damián Ruiz, Psychologist (COPC), Judicial Analyst (IAAP) and director of IPITIA.

Intensive and specific attention to achieve a turning point that is important and decisive for the cure of obsessive symptomatology.

Why participate in the Intensive Group therapy?

The Intensive Group therapy aims to unblock the collapsed nervous system of the patient, due to fear, to the inhibition or repression generated at a given moment in his life, usually in childhood or adolescence.

On the other hand, our main objective is to develop, throughout the days, the awareness of the elements of your life that keep the problem and the strength to carry out the necessary changes. In this way you will start, from the first day and with the support of our team, to successfully face anxiety. The objective is to connect with the most inhibited aspects of your personality, which, in all likelihood, will be the liberating elements.

We accompany the dialectic therapy with a series of techniques, tools, exercises, body, oral, theatrical expression, so that you experience and begin to overcome the blockages that have caused the collapse of the nervous system throughout life.

Benefits of the Intensive Group program

  • Entender el origen de los bloqueos nerviosos e inhibiciones que causan el problema

  • Liberar los aspectos reprimidos de la personalidad que permitirán dicho cambio.

  • Trabajar intensamente y codo a codo con personas que padecen la misma problemática, generando posiblemente vínculos mportantes en el proceso de curación.
  • Generar una idea clara para superar el TOC y la Ansiedad de manera personalizada.

  • Encontrar la fuerza necesaria para actuar con determinación sobre la problemática.

How does the Intensive Group program develop?

How does the Intensive Group program develop?

The Intensive Group therapy is a three day intensive that takes place in our center in Barcelona, sstructured as follows:

– Friday, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Group therapy with Damián Ruíz.

The four initial hours are devoted to understanding the biological, symbolic and vital mechanisms through which it is possible to generate an obsessive disorder in general, and then, specifically, what the participants suffer.

Some additional exercises may be done.

– Saturday, from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 8pm: AFOP Workout

Intensive group session. Eight hours integrally based on the pulsional, instinctive and symbolic activation of those repressed aspects of the personality. This liberation means a reduction of the anxiety that produces the obsessive manifestations. The intensity and rapid succession of the exercises are intended to inhibit cognitive cognitive processing, activating the most primary, instinctive and spontaneous areas of the nervous system.

– Sunday, from 10am to 2pm: Group therapy with Damián Ruíz.

Based on the analysis of what has been experienced in previous days, the four final hours have the objective of making all participants a clear idea of ​​what they should do from this moment to continue in the process of dissolution of obsessive disorder.

Some complementary exercises may be done.

The Intense Group therapy may be a leap forward in the dissolution of OCD, both at the beginning of therapy and when you take time.

For more information on the program, please contact us:

Núria Alcalá (Secretary) y Cristina González (Comunication)


935 282 353

If you wish, you can have a free 15-minute consultation with one of our therapists if you have any other questions about this program.


(+34) 935 282 353

(+34) 637 669 160

Or write us through the contact form, providing us with your phone number and availability, and we will call you free of charge.

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